Friday, 17 January 2014

Fingerless gloves, free pattern

This is pattern done on 2 needles, no DPN!

First glove. I wear it on my right hand.
1 pair size 4mm knitting needles
1 ball 100g wool
1 tapestry needle

This is the yarn I used, although it is the orange-y version Sombrero 315

Cast on 28 stitches. This was just right for my hand, I don’t consider myself to have large or small hands, around average. When adapting the size, make sure to keep to an even number of stitches. As a guide, 24 for woman, 28-32 for a man.

Knit 1 purl 1 for 4 rows.
Knit a row, purl a row for your desired length to where your thumb meets your index finger. End with a purl row.
Before turning, cast on 6 stiches.
Knit all the way across. Cast on 6 stitches then turn.
Knit a row then purl a row for a total of 4 rows.
Next should be a knit row. Cast off the first 6 stitches. Knit all the way across and turn.
Cast off the first 6 stitches and purl all the way across. Your work should now look like a tiny t-shirt (it does to me!).
For the next 4 rows (or as long as you want) continue with alternating a knit row then a purl row.
Cast off, making sure it is not a tight cast off. I found that not holding the yarn in my hand helped to make it loose. You can always use a larger needle.
When breaking the yarn, make sure to leave a long tail to sew up the glove.

Fold the glove in half lengthways, line up the edges.
Thread the needle and start sewing.
When you get to the thumb hole, weave the thread down one side, then continue to sew. If you’re unsure of where to leave the hole, place your hand on the work, lining up your thumb with the bit sticking out.
When you reach the end, work in the yarn how you prefer and trim the end.

Try your glove on and see how it fits. My first one was a bit tight, so I made the second one a tad bigger, which is the specifications in this pattern.
First completed gloves. Same ball of wool.

Now make a second glove for the other hand.
They can be worn on either hand, so no need for a pattern for left and right hand.
I have also made a pair for my husband. I frogged the pattern a bit for him, basing the size off of a pair of gloves that his mum made him years ago because he wanted long gloves with the index finger separate.
His gloves also have a larger ribbing, Knit 2, Purl 2 all across, it was important that his gloves had an even nimber of stitches which were a multiple of 4.
Husband's gloves on my hand
To make the finger hole, I just separated the stitches I wanted at each end, put the rest on a stitch holder, knitted the length, cast off the cut the yarn.
Click the link to download the PDF download now.

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