Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Gaming and Crochet

Sometimes I want to game, sometimes I want to crochet. And sometimes I want to do both. Unfortunately, with only 1 pair of hands I can't, I have to decide which to do. Usually I alternate, sometimes I had be a day of chrochet, others a day of gaming

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Innocent big knit patterns

Links to knit and crochet patterns for the Big Knit. I've tried to link to places with multiple patterns, rather then list each individual pattern! I might even try writing my own crochet pattern.

Knitting and crochet http://www.thebigknit.co.uk/knitting-patterns
Knit and crochet http://www.innocentdrinks.co.uk/blog/2014/october/the-big-knit-crochet-patterns
Crochet http://www.thebigknit.devonartist.co.uk/Crochet.html
Knit http://www.thebigknit.devonartist.co.uk/YourPatterns.html
Knit http://www.thebigknit.devonartist.co.uk/patterns.html

Innocent big knit!

I've been making some hats to donate to innocent for their big knit campaign, each bottle with a hat they sell, they donate money to Age UK. And it's great for using up scraps. AND you can crochet too!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

"Granny" Shawl

I've made this granny shawl, all from Ice Yarns! Pattern from Zooty Owl: http://zootyowlcards.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/corner-to-corner-granny-shawl-free.html
I finished it with 2 rows of dc on the top, then started a edging using chain 4 then sc in the gaps. When I got round to the top I turned and went back with chain 4 and sc into the gaps.
Here's the pictures!

Baby Hats!

I forgot to post these when I made them!
Purple baby hat for our little girl, the other one was given to my husband's cousin for their baby of unknown gender. The baby has now been born, it turned out to be a boy.

Both hats made from Ice Yarn. Size should be about 3 months.

This week's finished items!

This week I started and finished an adults hat made with Stylecraft Chunky Harlequin, and a baby's waistcoat from the same yarn. In total, I used 2 balls. Last week I started a hat in Ice Yarn, making a ribbed hat. This took me a while because it was US sc in back loops only, so I had to concentrate to just do one loop. If I was to do it again, I would do US dc so that it goes a bit faster!
I put the waistcoat on a teddy to model it, the yarn is hard to photograph!
And here are the hats:

The purple one matches the baby hat I made our little girl.
And I had enough yarn left over to make 2 headbands!

Monday, 26 September 2016

New hat!

I'm making my first crocheted adult hat! Decided on a ribbed hat, it is taking a while, crocheting US sc in back loops only is much slower then if it was both loops, or dc! I shall persevere as I am halfway there. When it's done I want to put a pompom on the top, partly to hide where it will be joined as the hat is a rectangle with a side seemed and gathered at the top.
I want to add a photo, but google have removed the app so I'm having to use the website on my phone and I can't upload any photos. Will have to fire up the ole laptop!
Here is the photo of the work in progress! Hopefully it will match or at least co-ordinate with the purple baby hat I've made with the same yarn (Ice Yarn).

Monday, 19 September 2016

Cat in a hat

This is Shoo, the glamorous, sulking cat who was picked from the audience at random to model a cat hat. Also, her sister kept knocking it off when it was on her.
I based the pattern off of a newborn hat, and kept trying it on each round. It's simple, so I'm sharing the pattern. 

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Baby blanket for a friend

I wanted to make small granny squares for once, so I made this baby blanket for husbands cousin who is due October, they're keeping the sex a surprise so it has some boy and girl colours in it. Joining the squares was such a pain, no matter how I tried there was a ridge. I tried join as you go but I didn't like it, and it made joining the small squares to a big one rather tricky, so I frogged it. It's about 22".

Chunky baby blanket

Another item I made for our unborn girl! Took me ages because I ran out of yarn and couldn't find more for ages. It's a never ending granny square in King Cole Chunky. It took a massive 7-8 balls! No border on it. It worked up fast at first, then grew slower and slower. Towards the end, a ball would barely do 2 rounds.


I made a couple of skulls from scraps of yarn, top one was a free pattern, I'm not impressed with how the jaw is lopsided, as is the skull. Also, one eyebrow is thicker then the other as you have to slip stitch to get to the end.
The second one I based off an item that was sold on etsy, it had embroidered eyes, I just used a sharpie and winged it. Again the jaw is lopsided.

V stitch shawl

I made a simple v stitch shawl/cover up. I used ice yarn again! DK weight, 3 different shades. I love ice yarn, it's my new favourite. I have a thing for variegated yarn, and they do loads! In packs of 4 too.
I haven't edged it, can't decide whether to do so or not. It has quite a soft, flowing drape at the moment, and I don't want to lose that.

Baby mittens

I made a set of baby mittens for our little girl, expecting her towards the end of January! Made with ice yarn, DK weight. 
It was a free pattern that said to use worsted weight, but mine ended up the same size and I followed the pattern exactly. I'm thinking of connecting the 2 together with a chain once she is born to go through coat sleeves as it will be winter when she arrives.
Pattern: http://www.tangledhappy.com/2013/12/two-tone-baby-mittens-crochet-pattern.html 

Home poncho

I finally finished my poncho, it's a bit of a short one, but rather warm. At first it was made with leftovers, odds and sods, then the 2nd half was made with some Ice Yarn. All done in DK.